Sirocco Group strengthens Epiroc with a global sales process based on Salesforce. SIROCCO AND EPIROC JOIN FORCES TO ELEVATE CUSTOMER…

Sirocco Group strengthens Epiroc with a global sales process based on Salesforce.

Sirocco AB, a leading specialist in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, has reached an agreement with Epiroc, a leading global industrial company, to implement a unified global sales process and solution using Salesforce Sales Cloud. This partnership aims not only to modernize Epiroc’s sales operations but also to deliver tangible business value on a global scale. Mats Dahl, Senior Vice President at Sirocco, shares his enthusiasm for the opportunities in this collaboration: “Epiroc has a global presence, and our goal is to help Epiroc offer its advanced solutions to customers worldwide. The collaboration aims to create a unified global sales process that helps Epiroc better serve its customers and strengthen the company’s competitiveness.”

To achieve this global goal, Sirocco will leverage its extensive experience in CRM solutions to tailor Salesforce Sales Cloud to Epiroc’s specific needs. Laith Al-Hashimi, CEO, and founder of Sirocco AB, emphasizes the importance of customization: “Every company is unique, and our task is to create a solution that can address the global challenges Epiroc faces while being flexible enough to adapt to local variations.”

Unified Global Sales Process: Epiroc will soon have a common sales process worldwide, making it easier to monitor and optimize sales activities on a global level.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: By offering consistency and efficiency in the sales process, Epiroc will strengthen customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

Better Decision-Making: Using data and insights from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Epiroc will make better-informed decisions and optimize its sales strategies.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity: More efficient sales processes will result in increased efficiency and productivity among sales personnel. Sirocco’s broad experience and the ability to create tailored CRM solutions have played a key role in helping companies like Epiroc strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue. This partnership is a clear example of how the right CRM partner can drive global success.

Sirocco AB is a prominent expert in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, specializing in creating customized solutions for companies across various industries. With broad experience in CRM platforms and a strong focus on strengthening customer relationships and optimizing business processes, Sirocco AB has successfully helped organizations achieve their goals and attain measurable business value. For more information please visit sirocco.se

Epiroc is a globally leading industrial company offering products and services in the mining and construction industries. The company has a presence in over 150 countries and focuses on providing innovative solutions to meet customer needs and improve sustainability in the industry.

Laith Al-Hashimi, CEO and Founder Sirocco Group
Email: laith.al-hashimi@siroccogroup.com

Mats Dahl, Senior Vice President Sirocco Group
Email: mats.dahl@sirocco.se

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