How to integrate B2B Commerce with CPQ to improve the revenue management process

In this article we will discuss how to use the CPQ Connector to integrate B2B Commerce with CPQ billing and order information to improve the revenue management process. The whole process includes establishing a single source of truth for products and pricing data in CPQ and B2B Commerce to have everything at one place. This includes integration between B2B Commerce and CPQ to allow sales representatives to finalise quotes and customers to complete orders.

The following products are required to streamline the process:

  1. B2B Commerce Cloud
  2. Salesforce CPQ
  3. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or an Industry Cloud such as Consumer Goods Cloud or Manufacturing Cloud
  4. B2B Commerce and CPQ Connector

There are three steps involved in the end-to-end process:

  1. Synchronize Product and Pricing Data Solution Kit
  2. Link Cart to Quote Solution Kit
  3. Link Cart to Cash Solution Kit

1. Synchronize product and pricing data solution kit:

This kit is good for businesses who want to integrate Salesforce CPQ and B2B Commerce to establish a connected, single source of truth for products and price data in CPQ and B2B Commerce. This helps to maintain a separate product catalog between channels to sync any or all products needed.

2. Link cart to quote solution kit:

This kit helps sales representatives to Integrate B2B Commerce carts with CPQ to finalize quotes and fetch data from CPQ to complete orders. This kit is for businesses who want to integrate Salesforce CPQ and B2B Commerce to link carts to quotes. This solutions kit helps to simplify implementation by getting recommendations for specific products, configurations, and best practices to resolve issues.

This solution kit helps Sales representatives to finalize and create complex quotes by integrating customer carts sent from B2B Commerce to CPQ. Solution kit is useful to send quotes back from CPQ to the cart for the customer to purchase or complete the transaction and reduce abandoned customer self-service transactions.

3. Link cart to cash solution kit:

This solution kit helps in using a connector to synchronize transactions from cart to cash with minimal development and empower marketing, sales, and support teams by improving subscription payments and processing.

In other words, all the changes taking place in B2B Commerce will be fetched in CPQ and vice versa. And there is no need to manually put in every bit of information recorded in one Salesforce Cloud into another to ensure data consistency. This is reason enough to say that Salesforce B2B Commerce and CPQ going hand in hand is a standout feature among cutting-edge B2B eCommerce Solutions.

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