Salesforce World Tour Stockholm 2023 

The Salesforce World Tour Essentials event in Stockholm on April 25, 2023, was an epic reunion for all Trailblazers. It was a fantastic day, the venue was buzzing with excitement and visitors got to enjoy a lot of different sessions and demos by Salesforce and other partners in the ecosystem. It was also the first live Salesforce event in Stockholm since the pandemic. The event focused on connecting with industry professionals, learning about the latest Salesforce trends and best practices, and discovering how Salesforce can help businesses grow.

The event was held at the Stockholm Waterfront, where attendees were welcomed by various well-known Salesforce characters. The event kicked off with a group conversation on Slack, involving Salesforce, Slackbot, Tableau, Mulesoft, Trailhead, and ChatGPT. This conversation symbolized how Salesforce’s various tools can interact, support, and communicate with each other. Salesforce Sweden chiefs, Sven Nordqvist and Inger Lise Eng took the main stage to discuss the importance of being a customer-centered company and how Salesforce’s world-class CRM system can help achieve that.

They also introduced Salesforce’s new product, EinsteinGPT, which allows companies to combine their internal data from Salesforce’s various clouds with both open and closed data. Based on this data or a combination of different datasets, companies can generate content that adapts in real-time to changing customer information. They also discussed Salesforce’s decision to build the entire customer experience in Hyperforce, a cloud infrastructure that ensures the highest security and reliability¹. The event also highlighted the Blue Road Academy, an initiative that helps migrants find a role in the Salesforce ecosystem where the demand for skills and job opportunities is extensive.

As a proud sponsor of the event, Sirocco Group had a booth where we demonstrated how we can help generate efficient business growth with our top-of-the-line CRM solutions and services. Our team showcased our impressive client work in both Manufacturing and Loyalty Industries. We will be back next year!

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