A Recap of the Salesforce World Tour in Stockholm  

The Salesforce World Tour events currently happening around the globe are a whirlwind of innovation and inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence across industries. Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce user or just starting your journey, these events offer valuable insights and practical tools to unlock your business potential. Sirocco is a proud sponsor of the Stockholm and Dubai World Tours. Here is a brief recap of the Stockholm event. 

AI: Still all the Buzz 

The keynote highlighted AI as a paradigm shift, revolutionizing customer interactions and tackling complex problems. The session offered a glimpse into the future, featuring industry leaders at the forefront of leveraging AI for their success. Attendees got to experience the “how” behind the “wow,” exploring how to integrate AI into various workflows and roles across various Salesforce platforms. 

Introducing the Einstein 1 Platform 

A major highlight was the unveiling of the Einstein 1 Platform which together with Data Cloud unifies data in your CRM with data from other internal and external sources, empowering you to build custom AI-powered apps that continuously learn and adapt to your individual needs and use cases. Additionally, Einstein Copilot, the AI conversational assistant for CRM, promises to streamline communication and boost productivity for your teams, especially in Sales and Marketing roles. 

Learning from the Best 

Salesforce World Tour events also offer a chance to learn from the best in the business. On the main expo floors, attendees could explore the “Campground” featuring an array of Salesforce partners and tools like Data Cloud, Tableau, Marketing, Commerce Cloud etc. The event had 27 sessions, 15 Salesforce demo pods and 26 partners. The main floor is also where customer Trailblazers, AI visionaries, and thought leaders got to mingle and share their success stories. Various breakout sessions provided attendees with practical strategies and real-world examples of how AI and other tech transform businesses. The speaker line-up included a who’s who of the Swedish business scene with representatives from companies such as Ericsson, Bonnier News, Schibsted, Mölnlycke, Volvo Trucks, Aspia, GANT, Tetra Pak, Atlas Copco, Willy:s and others.  

Sirocco Team at the Heart of the Action 

The Sirocco team wasn’t just present at the event, we were actively engaged! We had a booth and coffee bar, fostering valuable conversations with customers and showcasing our team’s expertise, and unique way of working. Our colleagues from Florence Next even hosted a breakout session with a client, demonstrating their integration competencies and AI advancements with MuleSoft. Visitors surely felt the collaborative spirit of the Salesforce community throughout the show. 

The Takeaway: AI for Everyone 

The key takeaway is clear: AI is no longer a futuristic concept, it’s readily available and applicable to businesses of all sizes. Salesforce offers a suite of tools, including Customer 360, Data Cloud, and the Einstein 1 Platform, to empower your marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and data teams to work smarter and achieve greater results. The future of business is powered by Data & AI, and our teams are here to guide you on your journey. If you want to chat with us about your ambitions, you can book time with us directly

So where do you start?

As your long-term partner for sustainable success, Sirocco is here to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and book a free consultation or workshop to get started!