Experlogix is a worldwide leader in developing business software, offering a suite of applications to make it easier for your customers to purchase from and engage with you. Their CPQ, Document Automation, and Digital Commerce product offerings serve a diverse range of industries with clients around the world. Established in 2002 and headquartered in the United States and the Netherlands, Experlogix delivers its solutions with best-in-class support, helping clients transform their processes to drive productivity and deliver more value for their customers.

Experlogix CPQ empowers sales teams to deliver more accurate quotes in a fraction of the time, while also offering the flexibility to fit the needs of virtually any configurable product or service ecosystem. Experlogix document generation and automation solutions turn manual processes into seamless, automated workflows making it easy for users to generate accurate, and compelling business-critical documents.  

Experlogix CPQ leverages a logic-based rules engine, so product and engineering teams can control product and service options, available feature combinations, pricing and discounting, and automate processes such as discount approvals, helping sales representatives sell more quickly and create accurate quotes every time. Find out more: https://www.experlogix.com/cpq/

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