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Dynamics 365 marketing is an advanced marketing automation solution that goes beyond the marketing functionality you can find in the sales or customer service apps. It provides you with top class and easy to use ma features and is designed to be fully integrated with dynamics sales as well as the customer service solution, which means that all aspects of your business will share data and be in the same platform.

The Dynamics Marketing app can help you deliver personalized and tailored messages across all your marketing channels. The marketing app also aggregates data in real-time, so you can agilely tweak your campaigns based on your customer’s behavior patterns.

As a marketer you know that before you start to create campaigns and generate leads, you need to map out and create a customer journey. This gives you a clear idea of every step your customers take and what should happen to them depending on their actions. The goal is of course to get your customers to the end, and the journey can then help you map out where and what you must do to make that happen.

The customer journey tool in Dynamics Marketing is an easy-to-use feature with a drag-and-drop builder where you as a user can cThe customer journey tool in Dynamics Marketing is an easy-to-use feature with a drag-and-drop builder where you as a user can create unlimited workflows assigned to different segments. Here’s an example of a customer journey I created in Dynamics Marketing. This particular journey starts with “submitted a form”, and that’s because I want this Journey to start with a social media post, that redirects the customers to a landing page.

Dynamics Marketing has a feature called Social Posts where Dynamics can help you schedule and post messages directly to your business’s social media accounts. You can choose to post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This feature also provides you with a preview function so that you can preview the post before scheduling it.

As written above, I want the twitter post to redirect the customers/leads to a landing page.  Just like anything else in the Marketing app, it’s very easy to create both the marketing form and the marketing page. It’s a drag-and-drop building tool so you can very easily add images, text, change color etc. no coding skills needed! (But has an HTML option). When creating a landing page Dynamics provides you with a portal management system, through which companies can create and host their landing pages and it doesn’t have to be connected to their website.

When someone signs up to my form, I want them to receive an email. The email tool also has a drag-and-drop function and optional HTML for those who want to. But that’s the beauty with Dynamics that you need no coding skills at all to be able to send out a marketing campaign.

The next email, for the ones that opened the first one, is going to contain an event invitation. The event management tool is something that really sets apart Dynamics Marketing. You can choose to create an existing event, or an online event, either way the event management tool has many options and features to help you plan your event. The amazing thing with the event portal is that attendees can manage their profiles, login to their own profiles, see their events etc.

The Marketing app has a Lead Scoring function that lets you set up a Lead Scoring model.

Dynamics can then calculate scores for each lead-based detail and actions taken by the contact. The scorable interactions can include submitting a landing page, opening an email, attending an event, visiting your website, for example. Each score model includes a sales-ready threshold. It means that when a lead’s score passes this threshold, it gets marked as sales ready which can trigger events/actions, for example alerting salespeople to pick up on the lead.

That’s why marketing is the new sales, because as you now know, the bigger part of the sale has already been made before sales get in contact with the leads. That’s why it’s so important that you create professional marketing campaigns to the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

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